Oh hey! I’m Hannah Voermans, and I would love to help tell your story. 

I’m inspired by the real beauty of the great outdoors, bright, beautiful sunlight, and listening to oldies that carry memories with them. I’m a dreamer with a bucket list a mile long, and a drive to make life meaningful. I’m fueled by iced lattes and trail mix, snuggle time with my little girl, antique shopping, and digging in my garden. 

I love to photograph families, couples, and mamas-to-be who are yearning to capture time and hold on to it a little bit longer. If you are living a season of your life that you’ll want to look back on, if your babies seem to be turning into big kids before your eyes, or if you have a love story you want to capture, I want to help you tell your story. I keep my sessions light-hearted and true to life. Also, if you have a cute baby, I’m in! 

Most days you can find me chasing my daughter Ella around the house, as I’ve been lucky enough to stay home with her. After leaving my tiny hometown in southern Minnesota, I earned my BFA in graphic design in 2008, and then worked in the corporate world for six years designing signs, logos and packaging. During that time, I married my college boyfriend Mike, had a baby, and felt the deep pull to stay home with her. Luckily, my ambition to capture every moment along the way lead me to realize I could combine my love for photography with my passion for trying to remember everything, and Morning Light Photography was born. Now, we live outside Minneapolis in a sunny house with a big backyard, two naughty, lazy kitties, and Melba, the friendliest pittie ever. When I’m not working, I'm in the garden, running to various therapies with Ella, attempting to eat paleo, and washing crayon off the walls. My sweet girl has Autism, so special needs families are extra close to my heart.  

If you’re looking for heirloom images that capture the sweetest moments in this season of your life, please get in touch! I’d love to hear all about it.