Hi friends! I'll start by saying a giant, heartfelt THANK YOU to all of my friends, family, and clients who have supported me in this journey. It was a really huge year for me. It's my second "official" year shooting, and I've learned a ton, met really amazing people, and checked a few soul-filling items off my bucket list, including a dreamy private wedding in the woods and photographing a birth!

Many of these shoots haven't been shared yet, and I am still hoping to catch up on blogging! It has been a whirlwind of a year for me personally as well, and I just seem to need any bit of free work time to edit. 

I had twenty-seven shoots in 2015: babies, families, seniors, engagements, weddings, maternity, and a birth! I learned a lot about my own style this year, my love for light, and finding that work-life balance that everyone strives for. The photos below are my very favorites from the year, all wrapped up in a nice little bundle! So many cute squishy babies. 

All my love, and cheers to 2016!